HP Quality Center Tutorial

What is HP Quality Center? A quality management software solution which is offered by HP Software Division of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise is known as the HP Quality Center. However, this HP Quality Center was acquired earlier from Mercury Interactive Corporation. What does HP Quality Center do? Essentially, this HP Quality Center comes up with […]

Perl Overview

What is Perl? Perl is from the family of the high – level / general – purpose / dynamic & the interpreted programming languages. In simple words, Perl is a programming language which turns out to be one of the most powerful methods to make those dynamic web pages. Additionally, Perl can be utilized for […]

Parallel Computing – Overview

What is parallel computing? Parallel computing is said to be computing architecture’s type where a number of processors either execute or process the application or for that matter the computation at the same time. Even the name of parallel computing has the word ‘parallel’ which means that the calculations are done simultaneously. Furthermore, the large […]

HP QuickTest Professional – Introduction

What is HP QuickTest Professional? The HPE Unified Functional Testing or the UFT software was earlier known as the HP QuickTest Professional or just QTP. Essentially, this HP QuickTest Professional or the HPE Unified Functional Testing provides not only the functional but also the regression test automation for the software applications as well as the […]

Hibernate Framework Tutorial

What is Hibernate? Hibernate ORM or just Hibernate turns out to be the object – relational mapping framework which is made for the Java language. Additionally, this Hibernate comes up with a framework so that it can map the object – oriented domain model to that of the relational database. Even the object – relational […]

SAP HANA – Tutorial

What is SAP HANA? In simple words, SAP HANA is the in memory / relational database management system / column – oriented that has been developed as well as marketed by SAP SE. Furthermore, SAP HANA’s main feature is to perform the advanced analytics like that of the predictive analytics / spatial data processing / […]

PL/SQL – Overview

What is PL/SQL? The Procedural Language/Structured Query Language or as it is popularly known as PL/SQL is an Oracle Corporation’s procedural extension for none other than the SQL apart from the Oracle relational database. In addition to this, PL/SQL has been available in the Oracle Database. Essentially, this PL/SQL or the Procedural Language/Structured Query Language […]

Manual Testing – Introduction

What is manual testing? The process to test the software manually to know if there are any defects is known as manual testing. However, for manual testing, a tester is required as it enacts the role of the end user while using a lot of features of the application so that the right behaviour of […]

JBoss Fuse Tutorial

What is JBoss Fuse? JBoss Fuse is nothing but an open – source integration platform that is based on the Apache ServiceMix. Moreover, it is service – oriented architecture or the SOA infrastructure which in turn comes up with the standardized methodology besides the server & the tools that are required to integrate the application […]

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